Saturday, April 10, 2010

Brushy Mountain Package Pick-Up

B2-day had arrived. My package of bees for the new hive was ordered back on February 3 and now was time to go an pick them up. Mady had decided that she wasn't up for the trip this year so it was Melissa, a new beekeeper, and myself making the trip. We left my house around 6:15AM and arrived at Brushy Mountain Bee Farm a little after 10AM a distance of about 250 miles.

The entrance and a customary photo op.

Here is a line of beehives that Brushy Mountain Bee Farm keeps. One of the nice things that Brushy Mountain does is that they do a package installation demo. This is a wonderful opportunity to finally see first hand what so many new beekeepers read about as they are starting out. I know last year what a great confidence builder it was for me to experience so I made sure that Melissa had a chance to see it also.

Melissa enjoying the package installation demo.

After taking the time to look around the scratch and dent store, and the main retail store it was time to get our packages. Here is a picture of the stacks of bees awaiting their new hive homes with different beekeepers.

Stack of packages. One thing to remember is that although there is 10-12,000 bees included in these packages, they are only temporary, the most important thing you are getting here is the queen. Unfortunately, with the life span of a worker bee, these bees will be dead in 3-6 weeks replaced by the new bees of the queen will produce once she begins laying when she is released in a few days.

Me with my new package ready for “B2” when I get home.

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